April 2015: Long Range Outlook

Never before have the times been better for talking about the future of our schools.
The draft Long Range Outlook is this spring’s main event in school boards across Nova Scotia and it’s now time for everyone to start talking about it. Forming the cornerstone of the newly overhauled school review process the Outlook is a  comprehensive and detailed listing of every school in the system. In the case of Halifax that’s 137 schools organized into 15 families. It includes such information as enrolment history, capacity, projections, physical condition, programming, and needs. Completed and delivered to the Province at the end of April the draft document is now available to community and schools for review and feedback. Come September 1 the draft enters the final revisions stage. You’ll find a feedback form here.  
This is the first time we’ve ever had this volume, depth, type, and quality of information about our schools. Tell us what you think of the draft and where you think it needs improving. The format was dictated by the Province, every board in the province is reporting in exactly the same fashion, and ultimately it will give us the means to have the discussions about the future of our schools. Never before has community been in a better position to take part. The Long Range Outlook will make it possible for everyone to have an informed discussion.
But now’s the time to read it and consider how it might be changed and improved. Talk to your school community. Get them involved. And if there’s anything I can do to help, please call or write.

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