August 2012: 40,000 of you and one of me

I’m sorely outnumbered. The average number of constituents in each HRSB district is 40,000. I want to let you know what I’m all about and represent all of you, families and non-families alike, but it’s physically impossible to get to all of you. Door-to-door campaigning is out of the question so one of the things I’m doing is making myself as available as possible in as public a way as possible between now and October 20. Most Sundays will find me at Just Us on Spring Garden from 11:00 am to noon in my adopted “office”. Thank you to the folks at Just Us. Now that you know what I look like (photo at left) feel free to drop by and introduce yourself. I’m also looking for other public spots to park myself and be available. Stay tuned for a listing of host locations, dates, and times. And if you have a suggestion for getting together to talk in small groups, drop me a line:

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