August 2012: 7 + 9 = 4

For voting purposes, that is. This is geography not math. Halifax Regional council districts 7 and 9 equal school board district 4. Voters in Peninsula South, West, and Armdale will be electing councillors as residents of either district 7 or 9 but school board members as residents of one big district 4.
This year’s change in boundaries and numbering affected both council and school board. If the questions I’m getting are any indication, the changes are going to take as much getting used to as the candidates and issues themselves. Ultimately it’s a great arrangement: the two sets of districts are now completely aligned geographically. But in the meantime, as we get used to it, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. My district page explains it in detail with links to both council and school board maps. But your homework, voters in districts 7 and 9, is to remember that when it comes to school board your number is 4 and Peninsula South, West, and Armdale is your name.

PS – For those who know where I live there’s one further complication: I’m not running in my own district. I’m running in district 4 where all my kids have gone to school and I know the issues best.

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