August 2012: A visual tour of the district

For the visual learners among us, a photo tour of the schools of District 4. Sometimes words just don’t cut it.

I made this trip with son Allister, a 16-year old with a learner’s permit always looking for opportunities to get behind the wheel. While he piloted the car I navigated us to all the schools in the district, a couple of which I’d never seen. It’s a vast expanse of terrain that includes 1 high school, four junior highs, and nine elementaries. Or eight. It depends on how you count. John W. MacLeod and Fleming Tower on Purcell’s Cove Road and Randolph St. respectively actually count as one school: two buildings, one administration.

Some have breathtaking views, Chebucto Heights and Springvale, some their own lake, Cunard Junior High. Some have community gardens, Inglis Street, and some flower gardens, Saint Mary’s.  One even has a new name, Halifax Central. Some are stunning to behold, Citadel, and some welcoming in appearance, Sir Charles Tupper. And what they all have in common beyond district is a story. They each have their own story. I look forward to getting to know them as the campaign proceeds and to meeting the principals, SACs, PTAs, and parents at each.

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