February 2015: Newsletter

Feb. 16, 2015: This snow day posting is dedicated to the topic of school boards themselves. It’s inspired by recent readings and a sense that this is a discussion that’s gaining considerable momentum. It’s offered as food for thought on a day when you may be storm-stayed and have a few minutes more than usual for absorbing.

The following two links offer very different views touching on elected school boards, their function, and their effectiveness. One saying they are “the first rung in democracy”, the other that “(they) do not add value”. The Minister’s Action Plan clearly indicates her own desire for clarity on the topic. In the coming year there will be “an audit of school boards by the auditor general to look at their current structure and review their efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.”

The two readings that caught my eye were:

Graham Steele on the Minister’s “Disrupting the Status Quo”

Toronto Star: Secret life of a board member

School board structure is squarely under the microscope and may well be next in line for major change. Now’s as good a time as any to begin to form your own thoughts on the subject.

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