October 2014: Newsletter

Staffing Lunchtimes at Your School: want to brainstorm solutions? Come to the meeting at Westmount Elementary School.Thursday, October 16, 6:30 pm,Library.

Let’s get together and talk about staffing school lunch times. (SEE ABOVE) Frustrated by the challenge? Watching your principal grow old before their time? I’m inviting SAC chairs to get together and talk about what IS working at your school. Let’s share and brainstorm ideas. Just hit “reply” and, if sufficient interest, we’ll talk about it over coffee. By the way, here’s the policy on lunch time supervision.

Want to reduce the incidence of lice? Ban sleepovers! It’s neither a practical nor serious suggestion but it points to the fact that school’s not the big culprit in the transmission of lice. Nor is school the place from which kids with lice should be banned, the educational costs being far too great. Principals are required to let parents know when they suspect a child has lice but it’s up to parents or guardians to treat. And once treatment has begun, kids may return to school. The less school missed the better. In reviewing the Head Lice policy this past week the governing board heard from Capital Health’s Medical Health Officer Dr. Watson-Creed. While expertly characterizing the experience as “icky” she said lice in no way pose a health risk, not in the opinion of Nova Scotia’s Department of Health, not the Canadian Pediatric Society, and not the World Health Organization. The greatest risk, she said, is in perpetuating an atmosphere of stigma and exclusion and thereby compromising the long-term educational success of effected children. Sound alarmist? Says Watson-Creed, Grade 12 math and literacy success is the most important factor and indicator of lifelong health. By extension, anything that needlessly interferes with that success along the way needs to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Click to Adopt. Congratulations to Saint Mary’s Elementary and J.W. MacLeod Fleming Tower Elementary for their inclusion in the Indigo Adopt-a-School campaign. Click through to help them on their way to getting the most votes in Nova Scotia.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall – For those living in the Halifax Citadel-Sable Island part of this school district, MLA Labi Kasoulis is hosting a Community BBQ this Saturday, September 20 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. It will take place on the Gorsebrook Junior High field near the corner of Robie and Fraser. Labi is your elected connection to Education at the provincial level. Food, refreshment, and games. All ages. All welcome.

Fantastic new HRSB website at http://www.hrsb.ca. Navigation just got a whole lot easier. Now instead of being struck by the user unfriendliness of the site you’ll be surfing with ease from offering to another. Want all the details on your child’s school? On the departments that comprise the school board in what is the biggest “About Us” page ever? Or how about the LeMarchant-St. Thomas site selection recommendation that was submitted to the province? Finding things like this and more just got a whole lot easier.

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