October 2015: Message to SAC Chairs

Both the key and a challenge to serving as an elected school board representative is communication: reaching out to people and being responded to in return. You’ll probably experience this in your role as SAC chair. Questions. Conversations. Information sharing. All are important in contributing to the improvement of our system. For the last three years in my role as a member of the governing board I’ve used enewsletters and website for getting messages out and I’m happy with their performance but starting this year the emphasis will be on inviting feedback from you and your SACs and providing specific opportunities to do so.

Owing to your role as elected chair of a District 4 SAC you’re now part of a dedicated chairs-only mailing list. You’ll be receiving messages from me tailored specifically to your role, your responsibility, and your authority. Elected representation within Nova Scotia’s education system looks something like this: SAC chair, school board member, and minister. Viewed in this way it becomes clear just how condensed and important a grouping you’re part of and how important it is for all parties, from school-level to Department, to exercise their potential to be heard by one another. 

Starting this month I’ll be sending you the school board’s regular meeting agenda. We meet weekly but the third Wednesday of each month is reserved for public meetings, also called the regular meeting. The agenda for this meeting is posted publicly the previous Friday. I’ll be sharing the link or its contents and any relevant comments so that you can share your thoughts on it with me. I’ll share the Policy Committee agenda as well. Maybe there’s something that’s of particular interest to your SAC and school. Maybe there’s something you’d like me to be exploring or asking on your behalf. Having the agenda is just one way of informing and generating conversation. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on all topics.

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