September 2012: A barely scientific review of voter turnout

Wish I could be more rigorously scientific about this but there’s only so much I can divine from the numbers provided.  2008 voter turnout is reported by polling station. Luckily for me the polling stations were housed mostly in schools. Yay for schools! From this I can get a pretty good picture of how engaged each neighbourhood was in the last election.  In 2008 nine of the 12 schools in the new school board district 4 served as polling stations and saw the following voting action:
  • Saint Mary’s Elementary – less than 10%
  • Cornwallis (now Central Halifax Junior High) – 15-22%
  • LeMarchant-St.Thomas Elementary – 10-15%
  • Gorsebrook Junior High – 16%
  • Inglis Street Elementary – 10-12%
  • Westmount Elementary – 22-26%
  • Springvale Elementary – 24-34%
  • Chebucto Heights Elementary – 9-12% with exception of one poll reporting 18%
  • Cunard Junior High – 17-22%
 Good for you, Springvale and Westmount communities. You equalled or bettered the voter turnout for municipal races generally. I’ll be doing what I can to generate an equal or increased level of interest among all the neighbourhoods of District 4.

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