September 2012: Are those running for school board allowed in schools?

Not surprisingly it’s all about the campaign right now. I’ve booked the ads, printed the signs, flyers, and cards, enlisted a delivery team of friends, talked message and strategy with a small collection of advisors, engaged with people publicly and privately, contacted all media outlets, hosted pop-up offices, and reached out to schools. And when all’s said and done it’s the latter, of all things, around which I experience the greatest confusion. Am I allowed to visit schools as a candidate? Can I involve school visits in the campaign and if so, how?
I don’t know what’s allowed. It’s the most obvious-seeming of locales for a school board candidate to show their wares, the place where the greatest concentrations of parents are to be found, the very constituency you purport to want to serve. But I’ve looked high and low on the internet and can find no reference to whether or not school board candidates are allowed to attend school events when campaigning. And depending on who I ask I get a variety of different answers. Even though it’s parents and staff who need most to know who wants to represent them there appears to be no clear answer as to whether or not it’s permitted within a  school’s four walls.
I’ve checked the HRM election and HRSB sites, the Nova Scotia School Boards Association site and followed a few other leads. All to no avail. It seems to be a school by school decision although I suspect there may be a rule somewhere that puts the lie to that. Any visit by a candidate would need to be conducted with all respect for and deference to an event’s expressed purpose but within that there seems the possibility of serving a parent’s need to know who’s offering themselves for the job of elected member. I think of council or mayoral equivalents and can recall only that public gatherings seem to be magnets for those running for office. There don’t appear to be any rules preventing it. And since school board is an epically neglected race any promotion it might receive would seem to be a good idea.
Anyway, that’s the quandary of the day: are people running for school board allowed in schools?

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