September 2013: Newsletter

Welcome to September 2013 and a new school year. Following are some links you may find helpful. If I can be of any assistance with helping you navigate the board or the school system please give me a call or drop me a line.

Halifax Regional School Board site.

2013-14 School Calendar

Halifax Regional School Board Strategic plan 2013-17

Finding out which school is your school.

HRSB Policies including Parent concern protocol, the formal process for hearing concerns, and guidelines for School Advisory Councils (SACs)

January 2013 P to 3 class cap announcement from Dept. of Education and Early Childhood Development.

The EarlyYears Programme  pilot for universal pre-primary.
Donating computers to the Computers for Schools programme.

Other than the principal one the main contacts for your school is the School Administration Supervisor for your area. In District 4 there are two: for the Citadel family it’s Wendy Mackey and for the J.L. Islely family it’s Joanne Syms. Either can be reached at 464-2000, ext. 4404.

Understanding your school’s catchment area. Reports on: FrenchImmersion programming (2011) and gradeconfiguration (2007).

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